Friday, June 22, 2012

It's a Pinterest kind a Summer!!

I saw this post on Pinterest and like everyone else, I thought-Looks great, but bet it doesn't work. It's basically an easy way to clean your tub without all the hard work. To do thorough research, I decided to divulge a little more time in Pinterest (it's a tough job, but...) I ended up finding several several different posts, which although all the pics were different, they all said the same thing and ended up with the same results.

After serious contemplation, OK, so maybe it was 30 give or take seconds, I decided why not try it??!?!? The post I saw was here.  I went to the store, bought my $1.77 Blue colored Dawn dish-washing liquid, my $1.27 large spray bottle, and I already had vinegar at the house. You just mix equal parts of each item in the spray bottle. The lady in the post made it using 1 cup of each and talked about how much she had left over and that it wasn't necessary to use that much.  I thought...lady, you haven't seen my tub. So, I used the 1 cup mixture and planned it would have to be more-the lady knew what she was talking about. I have WAY more left over. I think you could use this with 1/2 cup each and still have plenty left over.

So, here's what I did.  I mixed the parts together and went and sprayed my tub down-I only put it in one spot of my tub just to be sure it wouldn't harm it.  I told my husband not to take a shower until I gave him the OK. He thought I was weird-he is developing an eye roll look that is going to become known as his " wife is talking about Pinterest again" look. The lady mentioned waiting overnight, but that she was too impatient and came back in a couple of hours.  I literally forgot about it til I walked by a couple hours later and thought "Ew-why does the bathroom smell like vinegar?? Oh! Pinterest!  Where's a washcloth??" :) You can just read my EXCITEMENT, can't you?!?!

Took a rag to it and it REALLY DID come just straight off!!  I quickly took pics cause NOBODY was going to believe this!  I sprayed down the rest of the tub and then thought-"Dang! I have to wait like 2 hours to clean my tub" :( - You never thought you'd hear that from me, right??

Got ready to wipe it down the last time and had my husband come in there so I could show him how easy it was-it took a total of 5 minutes-he said WoW!! Let me try for thought...Pinterest makes my husband WANT to do housework, too??? I think further Pinterest research is a must :) He went to town on it and said, I don't think its been that clean in over a year...sad thing is...he's probably right! We clean what I think is pretty regularly for 2 working parents with 2 busy schedules and 2 busy boys, but it doesn't get that clean-probably cause I lack the muscles for some good "elbow grease". So...point is...I am yet ANOTHER person who loudly claims that this Pinterest post truly works!!!

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