Monday, July 7, 2014

Burlap Bonanza!!

Is it just me or is it that every time we turn around we see tons and tons of Burlap!! It could be that I just feel that way cause I'm seriously crushing on it :) All my Pinterest boards seem to follow the burlap theme lately. So, I thought it's high time to take action-naturally, I made something with burlap. As you may already know, I love to do projects with items I already have. Recycle those materials!!

I started out with an old picture frame that I had lying around. It was actually baby blue and I know for a fact it is 11 years old--one of those marriage gifts! Since baby blue just wasn't on my list of colors for this project I brought out my Old Faithful can of black paint. I know-a black frame is like $3 at Walmart, but when you craft that way things can really add up.

My next step is soooo completely me. I am not the meticulous craft freak that some people are--and even that is a major understatement. I used two layers of burlap just to make sure that there was enough thickness to cover the glass, but the hard part was figuring out a way to cover my glass with burlap-it's got to be hot glue or tape...hmmmm...tape is quickest so tape it is! Hmmmm...what tape do I have that is wide and sturdy?? Woo Pig of course! College Game tape worked like a charm! Now if you plan on ever seeing the back of your project then, please feel free to complete this part in a nice and orderly fashion. But seeing how the back should never be seen, I didn't really care :)

My next thought was what to put on the burlap. I've seen ideas that had stencils and some that had clips and some that just had a monogrammed letter, but they just weren't what I wanted. I had picked up these mini clothes pins from Walmart $2.88 and I had some leftover wallet prints from some family pics we had taken last fall, so I thought, well that settles it! I hot glued the mini clothes pins on and put up the pics, but then I realized they were too spaced out and the middle was lacking. 

I pulled out my Cricut and some black vinyl and cut out my Est for the center. Once done, I LOVE how it turned out!!

I can change out my pictures at any time so I'm not regulated to one set of pics. It's perfect for my mantle and almost satisfies my burlap craze--I still have a wreath I am working on so.......