Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mickey Mouse...Time is running out!

AJ's 2nd birthday party is coming up so super fast and I am really feeling the effects of it!  I have tons of ideas, but just haven't decided on a single thing and I think I will have a bunch of started, but unfinished products by the time mid-April comes.  I am going to say that is all Pinterest's fault LOL  There is no way that I can be held responsible when that site is around :)

My husband has decided to do the cake-I am nervous about that because I think he is going to wait til the night before to try it or realize too late that he can't do it and we will be left with cupcakes only ;) A+ for Intentions, though! I think most of the food at the party is going to end up being sweet items, I just can't get into bringing healthy into the scheme of things other than sandwiches, cut out like Mickey of course!

I did buy some teddy bear frames that I am going to use as Mickey.  I know that even once I painted them, they still look like bears, but I am just going to go with it anyways.  I have them and everyone needs to just assume it is a mouse and not a bear.

Items on the list still to do: make a poster, invitations, goody bags (crayons made and bagged, chalk bags made, chalk Mickey tags to be made, and still come up with one super cute goody), food made ahead of time as a example (I am notorious for things not turning out at the last minute and then I am STUCK), make his #2 shirt, make a Mickey shirt for Brayden, banner for living room, and TONS of decor that I need to come up my husband always tells me.  A party is to be fun, not stressful.  Too bad I don't listen to him :)