Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brayden's 5th Birthday!

I realize that I haven't posted anything since April-AJ's birthday! LOL  Maybe (notice I said Maybe) I can try to keep this current now that school has started and I feel a little bit more ahead of the game on staying organized.

First off, let's just send a shout out to all things Pinterest!! Love that site!!!  We planned a Pirate theme party for Brayden and we were able to pull it off all thanks to pinterest!!  It was such a fun party and I really feel that the kids enjoyed it.  It was also VERY inexpensive thanks to all the ideas we found from pinterest...ok, enough advertising ha Here are a few of the pics of what all we did and how we did it!

The cake was done by a wonderful lady near our home who is a genius when it comes to creating cakemasterpieces!  Loved it!! 
We also had a trays of just a few cupcakes in order to carry out our color theme-black, white, red.  We just used an ordinary Dollar Tree vinyl tablecloth and then added other trays and foods.  The trays were the silver chargers from Dollar Tree and the base on them was the glass tapered candlesticks from Dollar Tree.  With a little spray paint they were black and red to match the theme!! 

On one of our trays we had Fudge bars to be the "planks" and the other tray we just had cubed cheese for the "Gold Nuggets". 

The cupcakes were on the same DT chargers, just painted red.  We just used a circle punch to put patterned paper on them.  We used 4 glass candle holders from DT and added ribbon around the center and them put a label on them. 

We found some old mini coolers that we added a little bit of matching material to and put our silverware and napkins in it. 
Our present table had just a DT banner around the outside and some DT Pirate decorations on it. 

We also had a banner up on the window that I purchased from Etsy and printed it off-wow-what a time saver!!!

 For the games, we began with 4 items the kids had to find in our yard using a pirate map we made.  The 4 items were in 4 different spots in brown sacks labeled 1-3 (the swords we propped up against a tree instead of in bags with #4). After they found them all, they had to come back inside and open up the bags there-we told them that if they were going to be a pirate, they had to dress like a pirate!
Bag #1-Eyepatch
Bag #2-Sword Hands
Bag #3-Pirate Hat
Bag #4-Swords

Once they were all dressed, we went back outside for the final portion-they had to Walk the Plank and then they went to the Cannon ball Toss. 

A father of a lady I work with created the wood toss board and my husband painted a ship on it!  We spray painted 2 bags (12 in each bag) of balls from DT and those were their cannon balls. 

Afterwards, they used their final map to find the "treasure" aka Goody Bags.  They were my favorite of all time!  They were Huggies wipe containers-spraypainted gold!  I put a red striped paper on top with a pirate and Thanks for Coming to My Party to cover up the Huggies sign. 


 Inside they had a bag of goldfish-labeled  Pirate Fish Bait, they had a mini bottle of water with the label covered in matching paper and a skull and cross bone that said Sea Water.  They also had Ring Pops, pirate tattoos, Rolos, a necklace,compass, party blower, and a doublin (sp).  The kids all brough them back inside and went through their "booty"! LOL I really feel that the kids all had a great time at the party!!!

Everyone say AARRRGGGHHH!!