Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Canvas Stats

I finally got around to making the baby stats on canvas project...yes, finally!! Eli is 2 months old now! LOL
If you decide to do this project, just make sure you trial and error first!  I did mine on a 8x10 canvas.  The vinyl DID NOT want to stick to the canvas, so thanks to my husbands genius mind, we trial and errored it! We sprayed some spray adhesive on the canvas and it was tacky enough to let the vinyl stick,  but not stick well. With this being my first one, I wasn't sure what size to cut all the info out at, so I, once again-Trial and Errored! LOL I took about 3 times, but I finally got it down to where I liked it.  I just cut them out on white printer paper until I was satisfied, then I went back and cut them out on the vinyl.  Once the vinyl was all on the canvas, I used Modge Podge on the whole project.  I had to do this seeing as how the whole canvas was tacky from the spray adhesive.  But, the MP really let it have a finished look and I feel much more confident in the finished product.  It took about two hours for the MP to dry. Now, we just need a easel to prop it on! Ready for Baby Eli!!