Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Foaming Handwashing Soap

So after my trip to Walmart, I realized that I remembered the body wash, but forgot the hand soap.Grrr...seeing as how a trip to the store is a 20+ min drive, I was not thrilled. Not to mention that it is getting a little old using Scooby Doo soap (crazy to want adult soap over Scooby Doo, I know!) I couldn't help wondering how to remedy the situation-um...heller????? Pinterest???!!!

After just a few minutes research, I realized that most of the posts were almost exactly alike.  It is super difficult to do, so be prepared for a time consuming project (dripping with sarcasm).  You need 3 ingredients-gasp! Did she just say 3????? Wow-what ease :)

1) Soap of your choice-liquid soap, handwash, body wash, shampoo, etc.
2) water (hmmm...that'll be a toughie to find)
3) An empty foaming soap dispenser (No point in making this if it is full, am I right?) I used mine that I previously "crafty-fied" here.

I made mine with my precious remembered body wash-Softsoap Coconut Body Scrub. I did see where it said that soaps with the gel/crystal beads could clog up your pump, so that might not be a route you want to take.

Add anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch of soap to the bottom of your dispenser.  Slowly fill the dispenser up with lukewarm water.  Attach lid-Viola! I told you that was hard-whew! May want to print those instructions out :) If you pour the water in too quickly, it will foam up and make putting the lid on difficult without pouring some out-don't want to waste any!

Mine worked wonderfully-I was super proud and super excited that my remembered body wash helped me make a free batch of my forgotten hand soap-can I get a 'Whoop!Whoop!'  I did notice that after it set up for a couple of days, it would take a couple of pumps before I got the handful of foam that I like-easy fix-I just swirl it before I pump. Two swirls and it pumps my handful-I will gladly use the extra effort to swirl in exchange for free soap :)

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