Friday, January 20, 2012

Personalized Soap Dispenser

So when I saw this link on pinterest, I knew that I wanted to try it! I checked out the website and headed out to Walmart to get right kind of soap dispenser, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I just picked up a Dial dispenser.  After doing the project, I realize that one of my Bath and Body Works containers would have been  better to use.  First off, I already have so many.  Secondly, the Dial container holds less liquid than the BBW so when I get ready to refill it, I will still have extra left over from the BBW because it can't all fit.

So anyways-this was super easy- so much more than I thought.  I just emptied the liquid soap into a separate cup while I was making the bottle.  Since the container has to be spray painted, it needs to sit upright-just put some rocks or something small but on the heavy side inside so that it doesn't fall over.  I sprayed(*) mine and left it for about 2 hours to dry-the sun was setting so I added the extra time just to make sure it wasn't still wet.  That's it-easy tutorial LOL 

After it dried, I took the rocks out, cut a vinyl "S" out on my Cricut in creme colored vinyl.  I put it on the front and made sure it was adhered well.  Then I put the liquid soap back in and Viola!  Complete and it really does look well in the bathroom. 
**When I spray painted it, I used an outdoor textured spray paint that we had left over.  It was actually made for outdoor furniture-but we bought it because it has a brown/gold glittered texture and looks awesome!  We bought it for some other fixtures we wanted to "upgrade" in our bathroom and we still had some left over.  It looks so much better than just regular brown spray paint and was under $4 for the can, but it coats very well and covers better than normal spray paint.**

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