Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Call Those HOGS!!

My family is big on the Razorbacks.  Anything Red and Hoggy is Totally Acceptable :)  I was in Michael's the other day (I know, Shocker, right?) and came across these wooden plaques-small about 4x4 size.  I thought...I can do something with this.  My intent was do some sort of Live, Laugh, Love or something, but by the time I got home, I realized I really need to focus on getting our foyer in the Game Room setup.  It has a goal-but we have not done a SINGLE thing to it!!  Sigh...maybe in the next year or two LOL
After realizing our procrastination, I decided to use the blocks in the game room.  They were going to be my Woo Pig Sooie! I started by just taking the blocks outside and spray painting them black.
Once they dried, I took some Razorback patterned scrapbook paper and cut down the paper to fit the front of the blocks- 3x3 1/8.  I used some modge podge and then put the paper down.  My next step was to modge podge on top of the paper to seal it in - MISTAKE!!  The modge podge made the red hogs bleed all over the white of the paper.  So, good thing I had leftovers on my sheet of paper (which the whole thing used less than a 12x12 piece of paper).

Since I couldn't use the modge podge as sealer, I went ahead and finished up the project.  I cut the words out with my cricut using Cuttin Up cartridge.  I used my Xyron to make it easy to place on the plaques.  I decided to try a spraying of Shellac for a sealer and it worked well.  It did freak me out when the paper got wet and it did NOT look good, but once it dried, it was all fine. 

Lastly, I took some black and white polka dot ribbon and decided to use it to hang the plaques on.  I used my staple gun to adhere the ribbon to the plaques and Viola!  Done!!  I now have the starts of getting our game room Razorback Ready :)

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