Saturday, March 28, 2015


I'm not sure if its harder for kids to grow up or for parents to accept they are growing up...sad music playing in the background...teary face...

My boys are growing up fast and they are completely immersed in all things Super Heroes!! Marvel, DC Comics...and I don't know the difference between the two, but they definitely do! And yes, my child did have to explain who Cyclops was to me and gave me details on exactly how he wanted his canvas made :)

I promised them we would work on redoing their rooms over Spring Break in to whatever they boy chose X-Men and the other chose Super Heroes...OK, I'm happy with could be MUCH worse!!!  I am so glad they weren't around for the Pokemon era! 

We've ordered new comforters for their rooms and planned out the simple things like colors and curtains.  But, they couldn't find anything they liked for the walls. So, why not make something??  I found a ton of ideas on Pinterest and both boys suggested just canvases for the wall. I am so OK with that-easy and doesn't break the bank! 

I bought 3 packs of canvases from Hobby Lobby and three cans of spray paint...easy cheesy! Pulled out he Silhouette machine and began working.  It took about 20 min/canvas-creating design, cutting, and transfer.  So easy and quick to do!  Tomorrow I will put a clear coat on all of them to make sure they stay locked in, but I am overall very pleased with how they all turned out and the boys are so excited to see them up in their room!! Maybe now I will try to learn the difference between DC Comics and Marvel...doubt it, but...

DC Comics-Batman, Captain America, and Spiderman

 Marvel-Cyclops and Wolverine

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