Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Razorback Canvas

There are tons of razorback signs up on Pinterest and really had an urge to make one of my own!! I took my 11x14 canvas, some leftover Chevron fabric, and decided to give it a shot. I monogrammed a Hog applique with red sequin material on the front. I made the hog as big as I could- 6x10, but I still wish it was bigger.

Next, I took the fabric (now with the hog monogrammed on it) and got out my favorite tool-the staple gun ;) just line up the fabric on the canvas and staple away!! Super easy to do! I would normally add a hanging ribbon at the top (which would really add to the cuteness factor), but this will be sitting on top of my shelf in my classroom, so the ribbon will not be seen, nor will it be needed. Good luck on your Razorback canvas-post pics to show what you have created!!

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