Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vinyl Obsession!!

I have always loved using my cricut to make vinyl projects.  It is just super fun to see something and then go and create your own version. Sometimes it's a total Flop! Othertimes it is totally awesome! I have found so many ideas lately and I just wonder how I will ever have the time to do them all...but I can bet you that I will somehow make time...funny isn't it? There's never enough time to get the laundry done, dishes washed...but a Pinterest craft?!?!?! Stop Everything!!! Yup, that's me! 

My new obsession is creating these personalized cups and the cake platters/covered dishes. Yes, I know, these are not new items but they are new to me seeing as I have just now found them at a local store where they didn't cost $10 apiece without any personalization. I wasn't sure if there were something that people were interested in or not, so I only did a few that would apply for local areas-like the schools around here for the die hard fans. I did do a couple of last names on the cake platters and on one of the cups.  The pics aren't awesome cause of the lighting, but I love the personal touch. I can def see this in my Christmas giving future! :) Ruined surprised, huh??  Here's a few that I made over the weekend.

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