Wednesday, April 27, 2011


OK, so the party is finally over with!  LOL  Loved decorating and all for it, but it made me a nervous wreck! So, I deviated a little from the invitations and created my own spin to it.  I will post a video of the new ones that I actually used.  I also made some super easy and cute favor buckets for the kids to take home.  They were the black buckets from the dollar store - the ones I always think of people using when they wash their cars.  I shredded up construction paper and put in the bottom as filler.  I know that Walmart has the Easter grass and I could have used it, but I have a BIG hangup on people using holiday supplies for birthday - they aren't the same!!!  (My husbands birthday is in December and he always has birthday gifts wrapped in red and green - hello!! My birthday is in August - would you give me a gift wrapped in Christmas paper??  Think not-so dont make his birthday a Christmas event!) OK, off soap box! So...

On the outside of each bucket I had a car and the childs name in vinyl from the Boys Will Be Boys cartridge.  The boys were in red, the girls were in pink.  Inside the buckets I had the filler, colors, a car coloring book, and a mug.  The colors were car shaped - just used the Wilton Car candy molds.  I melted crayons in the microwave and then filled up the molds, placed in freezer, and the viola!  Car shaped Crayons!  I put the crayons in a clear bag and had a topper on the bag with a coordinating car - except this car had a party hat from the Create a Critter cartridge (super cute, I thought).  Lastly, each bucket had a cup for the kids.  The boys had car paper inside their mugs with their names cut out and Xyron(ed) on from the Cuttin Up cartridge.  The girls paper was gray wheels on it and their names were in pink letters.  I think they turned out really well! 

The party came together pretty quickly - just allow a little time to get all of it together, but overall, it was a pretty cheap endeavor, compared to ordering a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading and half of it gets trashed!

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