Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 1

OK, so I am new to the whole blog thing!! I am not sure how I want to go about this blog - I don't know if I want it to be just about me, or my family, or my interests. I guess I will just wing it. I started all this after having my 2nd son. I realized there isn't a whole lot to do in the wee hours of the morning with a newborn - however, if you have a laptop, you can do a lot of web surfing while holding a bottle in bed:) That is where I stumbled upon Oh my!! That site is addicting - my husband said there was some hero worship going on cause I am watching her vids all of the time! Her site led me to so many more sites that are just the greatest things ever - so many ideas and projects.

One of the highlights of MPS's page was her The Pink Loser and her progress on her journey. This really motivated me. I participated in weight watchers for the first time in

2003. During the next 3 years, I lost and kept off 32 pounds. That is a lot of weight for a woman of 5'4. After I had my first son, I gained 30 of those pounds back and I never lost them. When I became pregnant with my 2nd son, I gained more weight, which I still haven't lost all of. At this point, I am 46 pounds from being my prekids weight. This is really heartbreaking and difficult for me to live through. Because of this and through Robyn's motivation, I am getting back on the train!! I have started back on Weight Watchers and am getting back into exercise mode. I know that summer is already upon us and it is too late to look good in that bathing suit, but my goal is to lose all of the weight before this upcoming Christmas. I know from past experience that I CAN DO IT! I have to work hard and I can achieve this goal. I want to look good and feel good not only for myself, but for my family. I hate having any pictures of myself and have very few. I am always the one behind the camera, when I really would like to have some pics of the kids that actually include me instead of just the kids and their dad.

I am also becoming more scrap/card oriented. My husband bought me a Cricut Expression for Christmas and transformed our den into a Craft Room. I love it and he is awesome for doing this for me. So, within the first 2 months of this year I scrapped more pages than I did ALL of last year! I am very behind, but having all of my resources together really enables me to work quickly and efficiently. When I had my 2nd son and got hooked on MPS, I really started looking in to cards. I wanted thank you cards and announcements that were different, yet darling. I have a lot of cards that are very simple and not challenging - I am scared of failure :) I will post some later and show you my first attempts. I have begun using my Cricut for the cards and have since purchased a Cuttlebug to help with the cards. I just love it! I am not the most creative thing, but I love getting ideas from the internet and other blogs for inspiration - just call me a Blog Stalker!!

In order to achieve my goals of weight loss, I need to go and get a few miles in - I will continue this later tomorrow!

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