Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas Door Decor-better late than never :)

Yes, it is June, tomorrow is July, and Christmas was 6 months ago...let's just say this is close enough to be a 'Christmas in July' post :) Working at an elementary school can have its perks-one of the perks is Christmastime! Holidays bring out the creativity in many of us teachers and for our school, we had a little too much fun with our Christmas!! Our math coach came up with the idea of having each class decorate their doors for Christmas. And of course, with the competitive perfectionist nature in us all, it quickly became a time for us to all try to outdo the others! One night we were even up at the school til after 7:00 having fun decorating. The doors were a blast for us-they ranged from us coming up with our own ideas, to having kids create the doors, to the kids creating the idea for the door and then the teachers doing them. Many of the kindergarten classes colored pictures and those were displayed on the door. Some classes put up paper and let the kids have total artistic control over what they used to express their Christmas Spirit. It was so much fun and a great way for us teachers to have great memories of the season! Below I have posted the pics of the doors we proudly displayed!!


  1. How in the world did you make the snowman with the cups? We have a competition for a door decoration and want to try to do this!

  2. Lol it really wasn't as bad as you may think!! Lots of glue sticks :) just kind of eyeballed it and put a few together and then glued some more til we got the size we wanted. I would suggest starting with the middle size first-that way if it turns out to be bigger than you realized you can always make it your bottom circle. However if you start at the top and go down it is easy to make too big and you don't want to start all over ;) it placed in the top 3 and was a blast to make!!